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Threeway Match v CU Land Society and Jesus

Monday 12 June 2017 at Dyrham Park (near Barnet, London)

Our first fixture involving Jesus College, Cambridge was played on 12 June when they joined CU Land Society in what was intended as a threeway match. As is often the case, numbers determined the format and match was played between Fitz and a combined CULS / Jesus side.

Dyrham Park (near Barnet, London) was a new venue for Fitz GS. The clubhouse is a magnificent Palladian Mansion and the course lies in grounds once laid out by Capability Brown. The tee shot on the seventh involves a drive over the ornamental lake with a risk / reward choice of the short crossing (towards bunkers) or the longer crossing (leaving a short shot into the green). Sadly, a significant number of our tee shots met a watery end.

The morning 9 hole Texas Scramble was won by the trio of Mike Hayhurst (Jesus Captain), David Williams (playing on the day for CULS) and Colin Dunkerley. David Williams chipped in from over 100 yards for an eagle 3 on the par 5 second hole to assist their score.

In the afternoon match, Fitz sadly succumbed to the combined might of CULS / Jesus by a score of 3½ - 1½. The best Fitz pair was Peter Bennet and David Castell – in fact our only winners! The best pair for CULS / Jesus was Rod Cowper (J) and David Williams (CULS) with an imperious victory over your hapless Secretary and President. Three successive gross birdies by Rod Cowper set the tone early.

A total of 20 players enjoyed a pleasant June day in magnificent surroundings. 

Colin Dunkerley

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